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So Who Really Won the Debate? Moderator Martha Raddatz Did

So Who Really Won the Debate? Moderator Martha Raddatz Did

It's inevitable that presidential debates get a little messy — and Sunday's second presidential debate was no exception. Despite all the drama, the real winner of the second debate was actually the one holding down the entire hall at Washington University: Moderator Martha Raddatz.

Her confidence and authority over the presidential nominees was nothing but steady and consistent. As The New York Times put it, she "posed blunt, provocative questions at a forum that typically feels more like public broadcasting than cable news."

Even with over fifteen cases of misleading, uncontested claims made during the debate on both sides, Raddatz constantly held both candidates accountable when asking questions — from interrupting when they went overtime, to simply making them specify more on their plans if elected.

Viewers quickly caught onto how well she did to balance such a high-stakes night. See below for some reactions on Twitter:

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