Whoopi, Streisand, and Streep: A Look Back at the Legends of the Golden Globes

When the Golden Globes began in October 1943, the ceremony was held during a luncheon at 20th Century Fox and the award winners received scrolls. It wasn’t until 1946 that association president Marina Cisternas came up with the “golden globe” statuette. Still, the awards were always handed out by journalists belonging to the Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association until Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis, Jr. stormed the stage in 1958 and stole the show. Ever since, people of showbiz have presented the awards, and the Golden Globes have become a star-studded affair.

2015 will be the 72nd presentation of the Golden Globe Awards, marking 72 years of honoring the best actors in Hollywood. We look back at some of the highlights, from Whoopi Goldberg’s yellow tracksuit to America Ferrera’s emotional acceptance speech. Before you tune in to the awards on January 11, click through the gallery above to get a taste of Hollywood history.

Featured photo by: Vince Bucci/NBCU Photo Bank