Women Breaking Ground in Football

For a sport that's widely regarded as men-only, football has seen a fresh development of women blazing the field. From Lauren Silberman's unprecedented NFL try-out to ten year old sensation Samantha Gordon's impressive talent, women are breaking down gender barriers in football.


Lauren Silberman is the 28-year-old woman who became the first female to ever participate in a regional NFL Draft Combine on March 2nd, trying out as a kicker. Silberman's non-traditional path to NFL try-outs includes playing club soccer at the University of Wisconsin, heading to MIT for a master's, and starting a company called Double Play to aid athletes through video game use.


Although she's kicked a 40 yard field goal, she'd never played competitive football. With an aggravated quadriceps injury on the day of the try-out, Silberman could not compete with the other kickers. Despite not performing her best, Silberman's efforts will open the door to future female football players. Like she said according to espnW:


"I might be the first woman trying out for the NFL, but I certainly hope I'm not the last."


Silberman's hope might not be too far off. Sam Gordon, a 10-year-old football phenom in Salt Lake City is regularly playing against all-male teams with players who can be up to twice her size. Gordon makes an appearance in our own MAKERS spot that played during MAKERS: Women Who Make America on PBS.


If Silberman and Gordon's football successes have shown us anything, you can most definitely find MAKERS on the field.


See the MAKERS TV spot featuring Sam Gordon.


Photo Credit: Paul A. Hebert, Getty Images