9 Women on Entourage Who Gave the Bros a Run for Their Money

"Entourage" premiered in 2004, just in time for Vinny Chase and the Chasers to push a wave of bro culture to its foamy peak. (If you've dated a guy who liked to pound Jager or "hug it out, b—" in the last decade, you can bet the HBO comedy had a hand in his persona.) Entourage was a fun, supremely watchable show about four friends, one short, frequently apoplectic agent, and about 300 naked women. We're barely exaggerating here: IMDb credits dozens of actresses who appeared on the show with roles such as "Kissing Starlet," "Woman in Bed," and the ever-mysterious "Porn Star Driver."

But "Entourage" — which makes the leap to the big screen this weekend—did have a small force of female characters with smart minds, smarter mouths, strong backbones, and shirts to cover them. These are the girls who kept the series from exceeding peak douchery.

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