Women You Admire Share Their Thoughts On Work-Life Balance

Whether she leaves the office at 5:30 to have dinner with her family, works from home to stay present with her kids, or rejects the idea of balance altogether, every MAKER woman has ideas about how best to manage her varied responsibilities. This Labor Day, we've compiled some of their words of wisdom to help you consider ways you might work as we head into fall and winter. 

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg goes public with her work schedule--there is no shame in making time for family:


Judy Blume on the importance of letting children see the struggle of working and parenting:

Architect Maya Lin says, "We're wired to multitask."

Erin Brockovich talks about the importance of taking time for yourself:

Nora Ephron never said it was easy:

Miriam Hawley, co-founder of the Boston Women's Health Collective, proposes solutions that employers can provide for employees who are both parents and breadwinners:

Nikki Henderson: "The younger generation is not going to kill themselves with work."