Women's Stories Need to Be Told Because...

This month, MAKERS will strike a milestone in our mission to curate the largest collection of women's stories ever told: 200 MAKERS will share their stories on MAKERS.com!

Two-hundred trailblazing women tell the stories of their remarkable lives and careers, and they are all at the tips of our fingers on MAKERS.com. What began as an idea to share the last 50 years of women's history has evolved into a journey of uncovering the moments big and small from the women who experienced them first-hand. As more and more stories find a home on MAKERS.com, the importance of providing a space for women's stories has become all the more essential.

During the month of August, as we approach the 200th MAKER mark, we are asking YOU a question:

Why do women's stories need to be told?

Print the MAKERS PDF, write in your answer, and post a picture of you with your answer to our Facebook page with your name, age, and where you're from, or share it on Twitter with hashtag #200MAKERS.

We can't wait to see what you have to say.  What's YOUR story?