World Cancer Day: MAKERS Eve Ensler, Kris Carr, and Diem Brown's Take On Cancer

World Cancer Day takes place every year on February 4th. Its goal is to unite together the entire world in the fight against the global cancer epidemic and dispel myths and stereotypes about cancer. Three MAKERS and cancer survivors, Diem Brown, Kris Carr, and Eve Ensler, provide their own perspectives on cancer, how it changed them, and the stereotypes about the disease they continue to help change.


Diem Brown is a cancer survivor and entrepreneur who was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer for the second time. When Brown was 23, she was diagnosed and fighting cancer with chemo around the same time many of her friends were getting engaged and married. It made her realize there was no online registry for the sick. So she decided to help change the experience of battling cancer. She created MedGift, a medical gift registry. She talks about how creating MedGift allowed her to take control over something she had no control over and how patients who use MedGift can take that control as well.


"I realized that you know what? I'm gonna be in chemo for sixteen hours at a time, I'm gonna create one. And that's how MedGift came about."


Kris Carr is a best-selling author, filmmaker, motivational speaker and wellness coach with a rare and incurable stage four cancer. Her illness has inspired her to promote better health through food and lifestyle changes to get people to what she calls "stage zero." She talks about how cancer made her realize the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.


"The things that I learned because I got sick were things that I wish I had learned in school."


Eve Ensler is a Tony award-winning playwright, performer and activist. You may know her best as author of The Vagina Monologues. Ensler talks about her battle with cancer, how she got through it, and how it transformed her for the better.


"We don't have the mechanisms in this society sometimes to learn how to take the worst situation and let it be the catalyst for our undoing which is then our transformation."