Young Women Making a Difference in Politics Right Now

In 2014, Elise Stefanik became the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. At age 30, the Republican won New York’s 21st Congressional District. When she made her acceptance speech, she told her supporters, “We are here tonight because you believed that Washington is ready for fresh ideas and a new generation of leadership.” 

Her victory will hopefully encourage younger voters—a group whose political record isn’t exactly action-packed—to get more involved in politics. Inspired by Stefanik, we gathered a group of young women whose political ambitions could help jumpstart serious change. Learn more about them in the slideshow above — whether they're fighting for Net Neutrality, or advising the government on drones, these are women to watch.

In the documentary MAKERS: Women in Politics, MAKERS looked at the rising number of women in government. Hear about their journey: