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Schaefer on what was expected of women growing up, the strength Gloria Steinem's influence gave her, and rising from the bottom-up to become CEO of Claire's.
Bonnie Schaefer is the former co-CEO and co-Chairman of the Board of Claire’s Stores, Inc., the leading international costume jewelry and accessories retailer for tweens, teens and young adults.   Bonnie started her career at Claire’s Stores in 1987 as a sales associate and worked her way through various positions over the next 15 years. Along with her sister Marla, she eventually was elected by the Board of Directors to become co-Chairman and co-CEO. During their tenure, the company’s shareholder value increased approximately 200 percent.   Bonnie is the current owner of the world-class Westglow Resort & Spa and is a dedicated philanthropist and activist for women’s rights. Introduced to Equality Now by Gloria Steinem, Schaefer is deeply involved with the organization as well as with Ms. Foundation.

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