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Callie Khouri

Oscar-Winning Writer & Creator, "Nashville"

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Oscar-winning screenwriter and creator of hit TV series "Nashville," Callie Khouri talks about her turning point as a music video producer, writing "Thelma & Louise," and the sexism that still exists in Hollywood.  
Callie Khouri is a screenwriter, producer, and director. In 1992 she won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for the movie Thelma & Louise. The film, although controversial at the time of its release for its progressive representation of gender politics, has become the iconic "female buddy" film about two women who become too big to be constrained by the world they live in. Today, Thelma & Louise is heralded as a classic American movie.   Having lived in Nashville and grown to understand the complex nature of the town, Khouri developed the ABC hit drama series Nashville which premiered to wide acclaim in 2012. Khouri's other films include Something to Talk About, Divine Sisters of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, and Mad Money.

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"Nashville" creator Callie Khouri explains why she respects the women of country music and also the mass-market challenges any artist in the industry faces.

Writing the "Nashville" Pilot
Callie Khouri shares what sparked the idea for the "Nashville" pilot and why she wanted the show to revolve around a strong female lead.

Being a Female Director
Callie Khouri had to wait 10 years after winning her Oscar until she had the opportunity to direct a movie. As a female director, she met incredible resistance as she tried to make the movies she wanted to make. 

Chick Flick
Callie Khouri explains why she does not like the term "chick flick" when describing a movie directed by or starring a woman.

Writing "Thelma & Louise"
In Callie Khouri's words, the idea for "Thelma & Louise" "landed on [her] like a ton of bricks," and she made the decision she was going to write the screenplay.

A Director She Could Trust
Callie Khouri knew that director Ridley Scott understood the "Thelma & Louise" story and trusted his artistic direction. 

Female Characters vs. Role Models
Callie Khouri believes that people hold female characters to a "role model" standard that male characters don't ever have to live up to. To Khouri, it's all about good, dramatic storytelling in the end.

Waiting On Gloria Steinem
While working as a waitress, Callie Khouri had a chance encounter with customer Gloria Steinem who left her with some powerful inspiration.

Finding Her Bearings
After unexpectedly losing her father at a young age, Callie Khouri found herself sailing in a different direction than she would ever have imagined.  

An Instant Feminist
After discovering a copy of Ms. magazine in her school's library, Callie Khouri almost instantly became a feminist.

Pitching the Show and the Town
Having lived in Nashville, Callie Khouri knew and loved the town and believed she could capture its multifaceted characteristics in a television series.