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Brittany Keller
2014 MAKER

Brittany Keller


Called a tireless crusader and leader for women at AOL, Brittany Keller constantly works to elevate the voice of women in the company. With a background in economics, Brit serves on the advertising business operations team for AOL's in Baltimore and is considered "incredibly well versed" on a breadth of systems functionality. Constantly eyeing process improvements, Brit pushes her team to question the status quo and innovate.

In addition to mentoring other women at work, Brit launched a “Leaning In” circle that's growing larger each month. Not only is she a women's advocate, Brit motivates and organizes the office to work with a women's shelter, children's hospital and the city zoo. But AOLers take fun seriously, and Brit, an accomplished skateboarder, leads the way each year organizing her colleagues' construction of a wacky boat for the legendary Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race.