Edelman’s 4,800 employees work in 65 cities across 31 countries on six continents, and bring grounded context to our efforts, and a true understanding of the complexities of the world, its cultures, markets and issues. Throughout the organization, Edelman’s team and work environment represent the organizational values of quality, integrity, respect, entrepreneurial spirit, mutual benefits and citizenship.
Edelman actively seek to hire and promote individuals representing a variety of heritages and experiences. Through proactive talent management and mentorship programs, we educate and help grow our employees by nurturing a culture where diversity and inclusion is championed, valued and expected.
We aim to create an inclusive environment where equity of opportunity exists for all employees, allowing them to maximize their talents and reach their full potential. We take advantage of their unique perspectives and celebrate all of the things that make each person unique including race, religion, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, physical abilities, age, parental status, work and behavioral style.
These efforts include the “You are the I in Inclusion” diversity and inclusion training for all staff and Edelman’s Global Women’s Executive Network (GWEN), an initiative committed to networking, mentoring, recruiting, collaborating and career planning for women at Edelman. GWEN’s objective is to increase the presence of women leaders at the most senior levels of our firm and create an environment where women are encouraged to lead and succeed.