Elizabeth Lee
2014 MAKER

Elizabeth Lee


I can imagine different hurdles for people also in technology, in large organizations, in competitive markets. But I honestly do not feel that I’ve had to overcome unfair barriers as a woman. And I certainly recognize how fortunate I am to feel that way.

I’ve had access to opportunities to earn my successes, and I deeply appreciate how women in my field and my firm before me helped to pave the way. These women as well as the strong female role models in my family have undoubtedly contributed to my confidence that I too could impact the world around me. I've had incredible supporters and advocates who continuously recognize and reinforce what I have to offer. I realize that this is not the case for most so I’m intent on helping others who want to have their fair shot to earn all they can as well. But I’m keenly conscientious of supporting a truly level playing field – to not receive nor give any unmerited advancement to women or men. I won't tip the scales in any direction to foster gender inequalities and I sincerely hope that I have not benefited from any overcompensation to close the gender gap.

I simply feel that I’ve done my part as a passionate professional. I’ve focused on what progressive impact I could have at every level and role – not aiming for or waiting for what I could achieve at higher levels. Every day is a learning experience where I explore, try, fail, try again and seek to improve as a doer, a leader and, most importantly, a team player. I began my career searching for every way that I could excel, but I’ve happily shifted to searching for the ways others around me can excel and to give them the runway to do it.  Ultimately, I’ve worked hard to align with brilliant people who are also ‘the good guys.’ This is what is most gratifying and will always be a guiding force as I build out the rest of my story.

Liz has been with Edelman for ten years in its Digital division. She joined Edelman Digital out of college as an Account Coordinator and is now an Executive Vice President and the General Manager of Edelman Digital in New York. Edelman Digital is the largest Social Marketing Agency in the world. Liz oversees the largest of Edelman Digital's regional teams, a fast growing team that currently consists of 125+ Digital and Social experts across Strategy, Planning, Creative, Analytics, Technology, Production, Paid Media and Client Services.

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