Gayathri Rajan
2014 MAKER

Gayathri Rajan


Gayathri is a Director of Product Management at Google.  She gets to work with some of the brightest technical minds from around the world to build products that have impact at a truly global scale. 
Gayathri grew up in an engineering family in India - her parents discussed engineering designs over dinner, contracts at breakfast. Even as their business success ebbed and flowed, the excitement of building new products always permeated their home.  She realized you could be a MAKER in any number of ways, but if you made the things that people loved, you made a difference to their lives.
Prior to joining Google, Gayathri worked in engineering and product management positions at companies including Unilever, Air Products and The Vanguard Group.  From soap to liquid nitrogen to mutual funds, there was always a way to make things better with technology!
Gayathri holds degrees in Chemical Engineering (Cambridge University) and Computer Science (University of Pennsylvania), as well as an MBA from Stanford University.
Her greatest technical accomplishment is raising two girls who know more computer science than she does.  She can’t wait to see what they make!

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