Great companies align their values of diversity and culture with their brands’ product and service offerings and communications. A healthy and altruistic heart, brain and soul are required for companies to attract and nurture their people and customers. At Javelin, we are aligning ourselves through accelerating our presence in the cultural space of social impact. Our robust J-Cares (Javelin Cares) corporate responsibility program includes components that encourages every employee to participate in community engagement and charitable endeavors.  Most far exceed our benchmarks. Importantly, the cause is chosen by each of us, not dictated from on high.

Javelin has chosen to sponsor MAKERS because, among the many thousands of social causes around the world, none is bigger than the advancement of women and girls. Females are the largest economically and socially underdeveloped constituency all over the globe, historically and to this day. And as they touch and improve every other social cause, females must be more greatly empowered and involved in all facets of life if we are to make the world a better place. Quite simply, advancing women and girls provides us with the broadest and strongest foundation to leverage any and all other causes that our clients and Javelin wish to pursue. We intend to take our learnings from the MAKERS conference to help “create change for women in the workplace for the next 50 years.” Much more to come.