Kim Richardson
2014 MAKER

Kim Richardson


Kim is a leader in innovative data analytics at Javelin Marketing Group and a key driver of its success. For the past six years, she has led its Enterprise Spectrum team of expert consultants that now numbers more than 25. Kim and her team serve multiple client engagements, encompassing marketing mix and optimization, ROI reports & dashboards, forecasting, plus agency integration.

Kim has come a long way from her roots.  She grew up in the UK where her role models included her teachers at an all-girls public school. Her English teacher, Miss Stone, was particularly influential, having coached Kim’s debate team to the National Finals for the UK Business and Professional Women competition. She was also on the tennis team and choir.

Kim first wanted to be a nurse, then a lawyer, and then a journalist. Her first paying job was working in a hotel laundry room when she was 14. She has also cleaned hotel rooms, been a waitress, bartender, art gallery and retail – “the perfume counter on Christmas Eve is the living embodiment of chaos theory.”  It’s no wonder that Kim mentors young women based on a belief that you can do anything – she has!

At the University of Reading, she was social secretary for her Hall of Residence, and Junior Common Room Councillor, as liaison lead between students and faculty. 

Kim started her career in London in the 80s working for Haymarket Publishing in ad sales, events and subscription marketing.  When Kim moved to Texas at age 24, she worked at her first ad agency for a great lady, Julie Kustoff; she was strong, empathetic, very skilled in client management, and a great mentor. And she encouraged Kim to give herself permission to try and fail.

She’s been trying and mostly succeeding ever since.  Her increasing responsibilities earned her opportunities in multiple agencies, primarily in client service.  Then, six years ago, Kim was asked to move from her Javelin VP post in client service to the Analytics department, a new skill-set for her. Kim asked herself: ‘What if I fail?’...and the answer was, it doesn’t matter, because we will just keep going until we succeed. Six years later we’re growing, happy (mostly), and cohesive.”

Kim says, “My success is measured each day in whether my family are well and happy, my team are motivated and happy, whether the client is happy, and whether I’m still sane (mostly). Given that it’s highly unlikely the answer to all the above will be a constant ‘yes’, then we all keep walking our messy life-road together. It’s about caring for relationships. Sometimes inside I may not feel super confident, but that should not, must not change my action.”

She advises women in business to find a mentor or colleague they can talk to, especially if they’re in a male-dominated environment. The most meaningful piece of advice she has ever received is that life isn’t fair, so don’t expect it to be. The advice she gives on failure and risk-taking: If you understand the nature of forgiveness, then failure won’t be an issue. Risk-taking is up to the individual.

The three words she uses to describe herself: Shine, Glow, Sing. 

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