Morgan Stanley’s global leadership rests on the talent of our people, who every day advise and serve our clients in a first class way. Throughout the firm’s history, diverse and talented individuals have worked together to develop our new ideas and groundbreaking financial products.
We know that the diversity of our people is one of Morgan Stanley’s greatest strengths. To maintain our leadership, we need the broadest possible knowledge of the global markets in which we operate; that means our workforce must include the most skilled and creative individuals who represent a broad cross-section of our global community. Morgan Stanley strives to create a spirit of inclusion by bringing together and valuing dedicated professionals with diverse backgrounds, talents, perspectives, cultural identities and experiences. We encourage all of our people to bring their full selves to the table, leveraging their differences to help our firm achieve its full potential.
This spirit of inclusion sharpens our competitive edge, fosters innovative thinking, and helps produce superior solutions for our clients. For these reasons, Morgan Stanley sees a diverse and inclusive workforce not as an obligation, but as an opportunity for our clients, shareholders and employees.