Cynthia Corbett
2014 MAKER

Cynthia Corbett

Morgan Stanley

Cindy Corbett, Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor and Portfolio Management Director with the Sapphire Group at Morgan Stanley, fell into the investment business purely by accident, moving away from 2 part time jobs immediately after college that involved nights and weekends, to one that offered me the opportunity to work with a more professional group of people and a high quality company.  Suddenly 21 years had gone by, and with those years came many job titles and responsibilities.  I learned the investment business from the ground up, starting as a wire operator (yes they had them when I started!) and moving toward more client-facing roles.  I am most content in this career when working with clients and their families; truly caring about clients as people, listening to them and planning and advising WITH them, not FOR them.  I have always believed that people can tell whether or not you really care or if you are just selling them on your ideas and views. 
In the last several years I have come to enjoy mentoring others in this business.  A colleague once described me as having a “pay it forward” attitude when working with my team and office colleagues; I have been given many amazing opportunities and I intend to provide and create opportunities for those that follow me. I feel very strongly about clearing a pathway for those on my team and taking an active role in helping each of the women I work with define a career designed for their set of skills.  It’s not just mentoring- it’s supporting and recognizing what motivates each individual and what is important to them.
I’m a “glass half-full” kind of person and find you can resolve things much better with a smile and a kind word rather than fanning the flames in a difficult situation.  Money and financial security are so different from person to person and attitudes are often defined by the varying experiences in ones’ life.  If you grew up during the depression, your attitude is quite different from an individual that came of age, investing-wise, during the bull market of the 80’s and 90’s.  People bring their personal feelings about financial security from all different places. It is our job to help them shut out the “noise factor” and concentrate on the things important to them: family, charities, and often leaving a legacy.
I think true leadership lies in helping others become successful.  It’s an incredibly rewarding way to achieve our own success.   I feel profoundly grateful for the opportunity to be in a position that affords me this chance each and every day.

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