Gail Massey
2014 MAKER

Gail Massey

Morgan Stanley

Gail is a Vice President/Sales Associate in PWM known by many of her PWM colleagues as the quintessential “Go To” person, Gail has distinguished herself through her unwavering pursuit of two goals: providing the best possible service to her high-wealth, high-profile clientele and giving back to the company that provides her livelihood by mentoring young talent within the firm. Gail joined Morgan Stanley when there were only 350 employees and “Good Morning, Mr. Morgan” was still heard each day in the elevators and hallways of 140 Broadway. Over the years she has witnessed the transformation of Morgan Stanley into a global leader in the industry that today provides a wealth of career opportunities for hard-working women. Her own career progressed from joining as a secretary, to working as an Administrative Assistant for Managing Directors in Investment Banking, and eventually to the Office of the Chairman and Management Committee. When the then CEO retired, she moved to PWM where she has worked side-by-side with several of the firm’s top producers. When Gail decided to start a family in the late 70’s, HR was unaware of NY State’s disability benefit for pregnant women. She therefore contacted Albany to facilitate implementation of this important benefit for Morgan Stanley employees. Along with two other deserving women, she was the first PWM Sales Assistant to be given Vice President status.  She is most widely recognized and appreciated, however, for her ability as a mentor and trainer having shared her knowledge and vast skill set with numerous newly hired colleagues, many of whom have gone on to Managing Director and other high level positions within the company.

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