Helen Timpe
2014 MAKER

Helen Timpe

Morgan Stanley

For more than three decades, Helen Timpe has been helping families, professionals and businesses protect and grow their wealth. In her career, she has served as a Wealth Advisor, Portfolio Manager and Certified Financial Planner™. For the past 13 years, Helen has been a Senior Vice President and Wealth Advisor at Morgan Stanley, working with her daughter and partner, Monica Timpe-Godfrey, Vice President and Wealth Advisor, as The Timpe Group.
Helen is best known for her ongoing commitment to educating and empowering her clients. For this reason, she has been featured in “Orange Coast Magazine” as a Five Star Wealth Manager award winner multiple times. In May 2010, The Timpe Group was featured in Forbes Magazine for their expertise as wealth advisors and portfolio managers and also for their quarterly market perspective and strategy sessions, referred to as “Round Table Discussions.” In these candid and informative sessions, Helen and Monica impart insight and analysis on market developments, as well as practical investment knowledge in ways that are meaningful and relevant to both the average and seasoned investor. As a former chemistry teacher, educating her clients comes naturally to Helen.
“Our clients appreciate that we have an eagerness to work collaboratively with their other advisors, like CPAs and trust attorneys. In doing so, our clients benefit financially and gain a sense of calm and order,” says Helen.
Helen is very proud of her professional credentials and is committed to providing her clients with the highest level of investment expertise. In addition to her Bachelor of Science degree from Iowa State University, she has earned the CFP™ designation at the University of Southern California, and her Executive MBA from the Wharton School of Business. These accomplishments represent her personal commitment to her business and clients, and they have afforded her a broad understanding of tax laws, trust laws and estate planning—areas in which she has proven herself to be a great asset to her clients.
A big believer in corporate social responsibility, Helen is actively involved in giving back to her community through charitable affiliations, such as serving as a board member of Laura’s House, United Way’s Tocqueville Society and Women’s Philanthropy Fund of Orange County. She is also proud of her global volunteer experiences: helping with a 40 year project, summer of 2012, to rebuild a medieval village in France and her teaching experience in Malawi, Africa, from 1964 to 1967. While there, Helen wore many hats but she primarily taught chemistry full-time while her husband taught math. Helen regards both of these as some of the best experiences of her life.
Born and raised in Muscatine, Iowa, Helen relocated to Southern California in 1960 with her husband Conrad. They now reside in Newport Beach. Together they have three children and six grandchildren. When she’s not working, Helen enjoys spending time with her family, traveling the world, playing bridge and reading.

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