Session 2

"Celebrate what works for you and bring people along for the ride."  —Wendy Clark

In session two of The MAKERS Conference, we heard from four trailblazers in their industries and learned how they broke the glass ceiling and how they cope with their busy work lives today.

Martha Stewart, interviewed by emcee Kara Swisher, acknowledged the difficulty of work/life balance and stressed how men can help the women in their lives achieve the balance by supporting them at home. The interview ended with a comical commentary on retirement and how women should be able to work as long as they want without pressure to stop. 

Linda Alvarado shared the obstacles and doubt she faced growing up and entering the construction business. Now, the President and CEO of Alvarado Construction, Inc., (yep, as in Linda Alvarado) Linda hopes to use her company to make change for gender equality.

Wendy Clark, Senior Marketing Executive at Coca-Cola, struck down the myth that women should push for the perfect “work/life balance” ideal when “life integration” is a much more realistic goal.

Val Demings, the first female Police Chief in Orlando, sat down with Phil Donahue to talk about growing up black and poor in Florida, using discrimination as motivation, and working as a team with her Police Chief husband to raise their family.  She explained that at work and at home, “There are no female roles. There are no male roles. There are just roles."