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Dee Dee Myers

Political Analyst

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Dee Dee Myers talks about her career in the White House and arguing for equal pay.
Dee Dee Myers is a groundbreaking political analyst and former White House press secretary. After graduating from Santa Clara University, Dee Dee Myers took on a  full-time role on the 1984 presidential campaign of Walter Mondale, beginning her career in political communications. After serving on a number of local and national campaigns, Myers was asked to join Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign team in 1991. When Clinton was elected, she was named his White House Press Secretary, the first woman and second youngest person to ever hold the job. Outside the White House, Myers co-hosted political talk show Equal Time on CNBC then served as a consultant and script advisor on Aaron Sorkin’s award-winning TV series The West Wing. Myers is also a contributing editor at Vanity Fair and author of 2008 New York Times best-selling book Why Women Should Rule the World. She is now head of corporate communications and public affairs at Warner Brothers.

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