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Actress Diahann Carroll, star of groundbreaking television series Julia, discusses her journey prevailing through discrimination in an unintegrated industry to her long, successful, and trailblazing career. 
Diahann Carroll is an award-winning actress who broke barriers in American television as the first African American women to not only star in a series, "Julia", but also to portray a non-stereotypical black character.   Raised by supportive parents who enrolled her in performance classes, Carroll began her career in entertainment at a young age. Thinking that television would never be an option because of her race, she performed as a singer in nightclubs before making her Broadway debut in "The House of Flowers".   In 1962, Carroll became the first African American woman to win a Tony Award, which she won for her role in "No Strings". Her successful career has spanned nearly six decades. Her film work includes "Claudine", for which she received a 1974 Best Actress Academy Award nomination, "Carmen Jones", "Paris Blues", "Porgy & Bess", "Hurry Sundown", "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings" and "Eve's Bayou".   Carroll continues to work as an actress and recently wrote a memoir on her life "The Legs Are the Last to Go: Aging, Acting, Marrying & Other Things I Learned The Hard Way".

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