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Dr. Susan Love

Breast Cancer Pioneer

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Susan Love on breaking surgery's glass ceiling and her revolutionary approach to breast cancer.
Educated in Puerto Rico, Mexico City, New York and Boston, Susan Love was already a pioneer when, in 1980, she became the first female General Surgeon on the staff of Boston’s Beth Israel Hospital. She was determined not to become a breast surgeon. But, she would later remember, "I started to realize how women weren't getting information. If they came in with a lump or what they thought was a lump, the doctor would say, 'Don't worry your little head about that, dear.'”   Now more than thirty years on, Love has drastically altered the equations surrounding the disease. She founded the Faulkner Breast Center in Boston and the Revlon UCLA Breast Center in Los Angeles and remains a Clinical Professor of Surgery at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine. And as president of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, she oversees an active $4 million dollar research program centered on breast cancer cause and prevention. But her impact is perhaps greatest where it is widest: as a trusted guide to women worldwide. 1990’s Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book (“the bible for women with breast cancer” according to The New York Times) is now in its fifth edition and her Love/Avon Army of Women partners women and scientists in order to accelerate basic translational research. It all insures that Dr. Love’s fierce intellect and her famous bedside manner continue to save lives worldwide. 

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