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Eileen Collins

First Woman Commander, NASA

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The first female to command a space shuttle, Eileen Collins talks about growing up loving aviation and fighting for a dream no one thought possible for women.
Eileen Collins was born in Elmira, New York in a lower-middle class family.   Eileen’s love of science came early, in the halls of her hometown library. After receiving her bachelors in mathematics and economics from Syracuse University, she joined an Air Force pilot training program, and out of a class of 320, she was one of only four women chosen.   After climbing the ranks within the US Air Force for over a decade, Collins applied to NASA in 1989 while studying to become an Air Force Test Pilot. In 1991, Collins joined NASA, becoming the first woman to go through pilot training for the space shuttle program, and only a few years later she would become the space shuttle’s first female pilot. In 1999, she would break another barrier, becoming the first woman to command a space shuttle mission.    Over her 15 year NASA career, Collins flew on a total of four shuttle missions, two as pilot and two as commander. 

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