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Best-selling cookbook author and Food Network TV host Ellie Krieger was overweight as a child but grew up into a model as a young adult. Both body types, however, suffered from the same problem of finding a healthy balance and catapulted Krieger into a career of nutrition in the media.
Host of the Food Network's hit show "Healthy Appetite," Ellie Krieger presents nutrition in the media as a joyful balance of healthy and rich satisfying food and lifestyle.   A registered dietitian, Krieger earned her master's degree in nutrition from Teacher's College, Columbia University. She has since authored multiple cooking and lifestyle books including her first book "Small Changes Big Results." Krieger's second book, "The Food You Crave: Luscious Recipes for a Healthy Life," was a New York Times bestseller, and won the IACP Cookbook award and the esteemed James Beard Foundation Award for "Best Cookbook with a Healthy Focus." Her next book "So Easy: Luscious Healthy Recipes for Every Meal of the Week," also became an instant New York Times bestseller. Her latest cookbook, "Comfort Food Fix: Feel Good Favorites Made Healthy", is a James Beard Foundation Award nominated collection of healthy versions of comfort food classics.   In 2010 on behalf of the Food Network, Krieger testified before the House Committee on Agriculture about nutrition, healthy eating and the growing epidemic of childhood obesity. Krieger has also teamed up with hunger organizations such as Feeding America, Share Our Strength and City Harvest to help all people have access to good, healthy food. In January 2014, Krieger released her James Beard Award Nominee book "Weeknight Wonders."

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Model Nutritionist
As a former model, nutritionist Ellie Krieger understood the industry's diet demands and was able to help many of her model clients find a path of balance.

Always Studious
Growing up and into her college years, nutritionist and TV host Ellie Krieger explains that she was always incredibly studious and passionate about school.

Cook in Headlights
Nutritionist and TV host Ellie Krieger was like a deer in headlights the first time she got in front of the camera. It was a true challenge to learn to cook and talk at the same time. 

A Latke Recipe to Pass Down
A recipe that nutritionist and TV host Ellie Krieger holds close to heart is her family's Hanukkah latkes. 

Moosewood Cookbook
Nutritionist and TV host Ellie Krieger reminisces on her first cookbook, "Moosewood Cookbook" and the experience of meeting the author Mollie Katzen when Krieger herself had become a culinary professional.

The Kitchen's Where the Heart Is
Food and family meals have always been an important part of Ellie Krieger's life. It's no wonder the kitchen happens to be the "center of gravity" in most homes.

Rely On Yourself
Nutritionist and TV host Ellie Krieger grew up without being aware of any limits on what she could accomplish. 

Don't Quit. Period.
Now a best-selling author, nutritionist Ellie Krieger found that getting her first book published was one of the hardest things she's ever done. Although she was rejected multiple times by the publisher, she persisted and it wound up launching the rest of her career.

Nutritionist and TV host Ellie Krieger shares the amazing things that can happen when someone believes in you and pushes you beyond your own limits. For Krieger, that person was her mother.

Finding the Balance
As a nutritionist and TV host, Ellie Krieger would like to teach people to stop thinking about food in extremes; there is a healthy, wonderful place to be healthy and happy.