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Jill Soloway talks about her childhood, the breakout hit "Transparent," and how she became the third women ever to win the Emmy for best directing for a comedy series.
Jill Soloway is the creator of the groundbreaking Amazon series "Transparent," which received two Golden Globes and eight Emmys. Now in its third season, the poignant comedy explores identity, love, sex, God and boundaries through the life of a complicated American family.   Soloway's unique voice came to the attention of Alan Ball, who invited her to join the writing team on the HBO original series "Six Feet Under" in 2002. She ultimately served as the series’ co-executive producer. In 2010, Soloway became the executive producer/showrunner for the second season of Showtime's critically acclaimed "United States of Tara."   In 2015, Jill founded TOPPLE, a media brand that seeks to upend the patriarchy by shifting the gaze and inspiring protagonism for women, queer people and people of color. She co-created and directs the new Amazon series "I Love Dick," adapted from Chris Kraus’s critically acclaimed novel of the same name and set to premiere in spring 2017.   Soloway co-founded the online channel WIFEY.TV with Rebecca Odes. Her first feature film, "Afternoon Delight," won the 2013 Directing Award at Sundance. She co-founded the community organization East Side Jews. Jill is the author of the memoir "Tiny Ladies in Shiny Pants" and the upcoming essay collection "Would You Still Love Me If."

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