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John Legend opens up about his early family struggles, connecting with others through music, and using his voice to make a difference.

Critically acclaimed, multi-award winning, platinum-selling singer-songwriter John Legend has garnered ten Grammy Awards, an Academy Award, and a Golden Globe, among others. Legend recently released his fifth studio album "DARKNESS AND LIGHT," to rave reviews which features his current anthemic hit "Love Me Now."

Legend also serves as one of the principles for Get Lifted Film Co., a film and television production company based in Los Angeles. Get Lifted Film Co. serves as Executive Producers on the HBO documentary "Southern Rites," Pop Network docu-series "Sing it On", WGN America’s series "Underground," and films such as "Southside With You" and "La La Land." In 2015, Legend initiated the #FREEAMERICA campaign; a campaign designed to change the national conversation of our country’s misguided policies and to make a change in America’s criminal justice system.

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