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In this interview, director Julie Taymor shares how an upbringing steeped in culture and a four year stay in Indonesia were incredibly formative on who she would become as an artist. Proud to take the road less traveled, Taymor became the first woman to win the Tony for Best Director of a Musical for her groundbreaking production of the "The Lion King." 
Director Julie Taymor was born into theatrics. Raised outside of Boston by a family who encouraged her early independence and passion for theater, Taymor entrenched herself in performance arts whether in her backyard, at the Boston Children's Theatre, and eventually around the world. A recipient of the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, Taymor traveled to Indonesia to study visual theater and experimental puppet theater. What she intended to be a three month stay wound up being four years. She now sees her time spent in Indonesia as one of the most formative periods of her life.   Julie Taymor is the first woman to win the Tony Award for Best Direction of a Musical, as well as a Tony for Best Costumes, for her production of "The Lion King". She has directed four major films: "Titus", "Frida", "Across the Universe" and most recently, "The Tempest". Her opera stagings include Elliot Goldenthal's "Grendel" and, for the Metropolitan Opera, "Die Zauberflöte". Her most recent directorial production "A Midsummer's Night Dream" opened at the Theatre For A New Audience in November 2013.

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