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Kathy Najimy talks about her childhood in San Diego, her acting career, and her life of activism.
Kathy Najimy is a director, producer and award-winning actress known for her memorable performances in over 25 films, several TV projects and her appearances on and off Broadway. She is currently producing a TV series about the women’s movement and created an idea for a play about Gloria Steinem, slated for production at Lincoln Center Theater.   Najimy, a proud feminist and social justice advocate, recently received the Lilly Actress/Activist award from Steinem. She's also been awarded and recognized for her AIDS activism and enthusiastic work supporting the rights of women, girls, the LGBTQA community and animals.   Najimy loves playing ANY game, twirls poi balls and is proud to be one of the founding members of V-Day, a global movement to end violence against women.   She lives in New York and shares her life with husband Dan Finnerty and their 20-year-old daughter, Samia.

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