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Katie Couric on the loss of her husband, her history-making turn at "CBS Evening News," and facing the critics.  
Katie Couric is an award-winning journalist and TV personality whose time in the storied anchor chair of the "CBS Evening News" made her the first woman to serve as sole anchor of a network evening news program. Her enduring identity as "America’s Sweetheart" on the "Today" show is complemented by a formidable journalistic career. By the time she made her major network debut as NBC’s Deputy Pentagon Correspondent in 1989, Couric had already won an Associated Press award and an Emmy. In 1991, she started what would become a 15-year run on "Today," and has remained at the very pinnacle of American broadcast journalism for over two decades. When she moved to CBS in 2006, she juggled her nightly duties with superb contributions to "60 Minutes" and award-winning work on "CBS Reports."   Through all of this, she has fought to raise awareness of the disease that claimed her husband Jay Monahan at the age of 42, and left her a single parent of two. She won a 2000 Peabody Award for "Confronting Colon Cancer" in which she broke brave new ground by undergoing an onscreen colonoscopy.   Couric served as a Special Correspondent at ABC News and hosted a daytime talk show, "Katie," that debuted in September 2012 on ABC.   Couric joined Yahoo as Global Anchor in November 2013. At Yahoo, she has helped develop news coverage, and has anchored groundbreaking interviews with major newsmakers.   Couric lives in New York with her husband and two daughters.

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