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Lalita Malhotra

Obstetrician, Health Advocate

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Dr. Lalita Malhotra talks about moving from India to rural Saskatchewan, starting her own practice in a male-dominated medical community, and bettering her town as a doctor and the “Angel of the North.”  
Family practitioner, obstetrician and gynecologist Lalita Malhotra was born in New Delhi, India. After completing her medical studies in India and post-graduate work in the UK, she moved to Prince Albert, Saskatchewan in 1975. She became the first independent woman to establish her own practice in Prince Albert, with a focus on women's health.    The majority of Dr. Malhotra’s patients are northern First Nations people. The elders named her the “Angel of the North,” because of her dedication to her practice and generosity in the community. She delivers an average of 250 babies a year, more than anyone else in the area. Dr. Malhotra was named Citizen of the Year in Prince Albert in 2008. She has three children of her own, all of whom are now doctors. 

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