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Burns on her abusive and tumultuous upbringing and what led her to becoming an advocate for foster kids and homeless teens with the Teen Project.
Lauri Burns is founder of the Teen Project, a non-profit organization that provides support for teens transitioning out of foster care. Having grown up in turmoil and abuse, Burns became a ward of the court. Like most young adults who age out of the foster care system with no family or home, she found herself spiraling down a road of drugs and dangerous behavior. After seeking help, Burns eventually turned her life around, and at 26 took in her first abused teenager. It was her calling. Eighteen foster children later, Burns realized she couldn’t do it alone. The Teen Project was founded in 2007, offering hundreds of teens support, guidance, and the opportunity for a real future. In addition to her involvement with the Teen Project, Burns has written about her life in her book Punish for Purpose.

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