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Mae O'Malley is not only a successful attorney, she's also a dedicated mother. Her company, Paragon Legal, is based on a principle of finding a balance between work and family.
When San Francisco attorney, Mae O’Malley got pregnant, she realized she needed an innovative alternative that would give her the opportunity to balance work with the needs of her growing family. She began working on a contract basis as the in-house counsel for Google, which gave her the flexibility she needed. As she built up her client base, she found she needed to hire more lawyers, hiring other working parents like her. This expansion lead to the creation of her company Paragon Legal, a firm specializing in technology licensing and corporate transactions. After just five years, her firm now employs over 50 lawyers, offering part-time contract work to senior attorneys who required job flexibility. Now her practice is a model for diversity – 80% of her employees are women, and 65% are people of color. O’Malley graduated from Stanford University in 1994, and the University of California at Berkley Boalt Hall School of Law in 1998.

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