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Marika Shioiri-Clark is an architect, who uses design to empower social change. She discusses her work in Rwanda, designing a hospital in collaboration with Partners in Health.
Marika Shioiri-Clark is an Architect who uses design to empower global change and battle inequality. While attending Harvard for her Masters in Architecture, Shioiri-Clark joined MASS Design Group, a not-for-profit that designs, builds and advocates for buildings. Marika was the lead designer on the Butaro Hospital project in northern Rwanda, completed in partnership with Partners in Health, where she lived on-site in 2008 developing designs and overseeing construction. Marika has received several awards for her work in reframing architecture for global change. She was an Ideas Scholar at the Aspen Institute in 2009, a summer fellow at Public Architecture in 2007, and received a U.S. National Commission for UNESCO Traveling Fellowship in 2008. Most recently, she was a 2011 fellow at She has a B.A. in Urban Studies from Brown University, and a Master's in Architecture from Harvard.

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