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Megan Smith

Chief Technology Officer, U.S.

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Megan Smith on her background in engineering, the importance of innovation, and how we can diversify technology.

Megan's Biography

Early days Megan first worked with the Internet on a project called Vivarium, sponsored by Apple Computer. The company wanted to see if it could create a virtual aquarium, and Megan was tasked with answering the question, "Could you really feel what you see on a computer screen?"

Joining Google Google was 1200 people when Megan joined. The search giant now employs over 46,000.

Some of the best advice "If you find your passion you'll be unstoppable."

Megan Smith is the United States’ third-ever Chief Technology Officer. In that position, she’ll guide the Obama Administration’s information-technology policy and initiatives. Previous to assuming her role at the White House, Smith served as VP of Google[x], a Google facility that develops the company’s “moonshots,” or high-achieving technological advancements. She was Vice President of Business Development at Google for nine years and also served as general manager of, the company’s social impact arm. She’s the former CEO of Planet Out, an entertainment company focused on LGBT communities.



In 2012, Smith co-founded The Malala Fund, an organization dedicated to impacting girls education and empowerment around the world. Smith currently serves on the board of MIT, her alma mater.