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Herndon on what inspired her life's ambition, getting involved with Third Wave Foundation, and her work with the reproductive justice movement. 
Mia Herndon is the former Executive Director at Third Wave Foundation, a national feminist fund dedicated to supporting the social justice vision of young women, transgender and gender nonconforming youth ages 15 to 30. Under her direction, Third Wave has seen the creation of the Reproductive Health and Justice Initiative and more than $1.4 million in grants to support 35 organizations.   Herndon has served on numerous boards, including: Women’s Funding Network; Funders Network for Population, Reproductive Health and Rights; and Funders’ Collaborative on Youth Organizing. Herndon is a Progressive Women’s Voices fellow, She Source expert, and in 2011, was named a “Power Woman of the Year” by NY Moves Magazine.   In addition to her work with Third Wave, Herndon has experience working with many community based organizations focusing on international worker solidarity, counter military recruitment, and the criminalization/imprisonment of diasporic African communities.

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