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A Mother's Motivation

A Mother's Motivation

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In this video

In this interview, Elaine expresses pride over her mother's selflessness and undying dedication to earning a degree.

Elaine's Biography

First Car: A maverick with no air conditioning

College Alma Mater: Mount Holyoke

Greatest Achievement As Secretary of Labor: Having the best health and safety record of any administration.

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Elaine Chao came to the United States as a child and has had an unwavering faith in the American dream ever since.  From knowing no English to becoming the first Asian Pacific woman on the US cabinet, Elaine has been a trailblazer for immigrant women and women of color.  She had the longest term as Secretary of Labor since WWII and worked tirelessly to promote women throughout it.  Still politically active today, she is known as a driving force behind her husband's career as a senator.