There Weren't a Lot of Us

There Weren't a Lot of Us

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Gina Bennett talks about the importance of counterterrorism.

Gina's Biography

Gina Bennett has been an analyst in the Counterterrorism Center for 25 years.


In 1993, while working at the Bureau of Intelligence and Research inside the state department, Bennett wrote the first C.I.A. report that warned about the dangers of Osama bin Laden. She was the principal author of the 2006 National Intelligence Estimate "Trends in Global Terrorism: Implications for the U.S."


Today, Bennett is a mother of five and author of the book, "National Security Mom," about underworld of terrorism and to show that securing our nation is similar to how parents and secure their homes and families.


She will appear in "Spymasters" documentary that premieres November 28, and details the inside workings of the C.I.A.