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Nancy Lublin takes every opportunity to make sure that other people are given a chance. She started Dress for Success, and is now leading the teen social justice organization, Do Something.
With a $5,000 inheritance, Nancy Lublin has been able to change countless lives. In 1995, she founded Dress for Success, a non-profit organization that promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women, through providing professional attire, a network of support, and career development skills. She is now CEO of Do Something, an organization for teens looking to create social change. Her knowledge of online marketing and social media was integral for reviving the organization in 2003. Lublin was named to the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders in 2007, Glamour magazine’s Women of Worth (2006) and was a recipient of Fast Company’s Fast 50 Award in 2002. Her first book, Zilch: The Power of Zero in Business was released on June 23, 2010.

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