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Nina Jacobson on making it in Hollywood, maintaining creative integrity, and taking time for family.
Jacobson graduated from Brown University in 1987, then started her first job the same year at Disney. She spent the following years at various production companies before joining Universal Pictures as SVP of production, where she advocated for “left of center” productions like Twelve Monkeys and Dazed and Confused. She later moved to Dreamworks and then Disney, where she developed scripts and oversaw film production for Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, and Hollywood Pictures. As studio executive, her projects included The Sixth Sense, Remember the Titans, and Pearl Harbor. In 2006, she was unceremoniously fired from Disney immediately after the birth of her third child. But by the beginning of 2007, Jacobson established her own production company, Color Force, with which she’s produced Diary of a Wimpy Kid and The Hunger Games series.

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