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Olivia Joy Stinson

Founder, Pen Pals Book Club For Children of Incarcerated Parents

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Olivia Joy Stinson, Founder of Pen Pals Book Club For Children of Incarcerated Parents, talks about her incredible single mom, her love of books, and how she came up with the idea for Pen Pals Book Club.
Olivia Joy Stinson is the Founder and President of PEN Pals Book Club & Support Group For Children of Incarcerated Parents, an organization she started at the age of 14 to provide support and motivation for children of incarcerated parents in her home state of North Carolina. Five years later, the Charlotte-based organization has grown to include 25 volunteers and serves 3,500-4,000 children and 700-900 adults in the southeast region of the US.   Olivia is currently a sophomore at Winston-Salem State University, studying business administration and planning to minor in non-profit management. The ambitious teen was also an honors student at Mallard Creek High School and was recently recognized as a 2012 L’Oreal Paris Woman of Worth. Olivia aspires to become Editor-in-Chief of her own fashion magazine and grow PEN Pals Book Club into a nationwide program.

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