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Sarah McLachlan talks about her childhood, the launch of her music career, her personal struggles, and how she made rock and roll history.
Known for her noteworthy soprano voice and sentimental ballads, Canadian Sarah McLachlan is an accomplished musician, singer, songwriter and pianist.   A native of Nova Scotia, McLachlan began taking lessons for voice, classical piano and guitar as a young girl.    After a year of training at the Nova Scotia School of Design, McLachlan landed a solo deal with Nettwerk Records, which she first turned down to continue her studies. Once realizing her commitment to pursue her passions professionally, McLachlan later accepted the deal.    Her debut album, "Torch," skyrocketed her to star status in Canada where McLachlan was put on the map. Her follow-up album, "Solace," was the beginning of her rise in the States.   After completing a 14-month tour in September of 1992, McLachlan ventured out into the world to do address the issues of poverty and child prostitution with World Vision, a Canadian-sponsored documentary. Her travels and activism work fueled her album "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" — her most personal project to date.   McLachlan has since expanded her diverse discography, releasing a total of 7 studio albums, 4 live albums, 4 compilation albums and a whopping 32 singles.

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