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CEO, YouTube

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Susan Wojcicki's path to becoming Google's Senior Vice President of Advertising & Commerce, responsible for 95% of the company's revenue, can be traced back to the many "start-ups" she and her sister began as children. The real momentum came after changing her career path to computer science, renting her garage to Google's founders, and ultimately becoming Google's first marketing person and navigating their mission through advertising ever since.
CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki was with Google from the very beginning when she rented her garage to two young computer scientists: Sergey Brin and Larry Page.   Long before Google found a home in her garage, Wojcicki grew up on the Stanford campus where her father taught physics and where she came to love the creativity that accompanied technology. She went on to graduate from Harvard University and then to earn a masters in economics from University of California at Santa Cruz and an MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA.   An early power user of the Google search engine, Wojcicki realized its significance and became one of the first business people to join the company. Wojcicki, now a mother of four, currently leads all new product development including Google's two main advertising vehicles, AdWords and AdSense, and is responsible for 96% of Google's revenues. She's also responsible for everyone's favorite, Google Doodles. After proposing that Google purchase YouTube and then handling the acquisition, in February 2014, she became the head of YouTube. Her sister, Anne Wojcicki, is also a MAKER!

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