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Navy Plans to Open Elite SEAL Team to Women

One of the Navy's top officers recently announced plans to open the service's elite SEAL teams to women who can pa and complete the training regimen.... Read More »

Target to Change Gender-Based Signage In Select Kids' Aisles

Earlier this summer, a woman called out Target's gender bias signage in certain kids' sections by differentiating "building sets" and "girls' building... Read More »

Watch Elizabeth Warren Proudly Stand With Planned Parenthood

Before Monday's Senate vote on defunding the bill for Planned Parenthood, Senator Elizabeth Warren took the floor. She began her speech by asking this... Read More »

Amy Schumer and Senator Chuck Schumer Address Gun Violence

After July's tragic movie theater shooting during a showing of "Trainwreck," the movie's leading actre is taking a stand against gun violence. Amy Sc... Read More »

Nancy Lieberman Becomes Second Female Assistant Coach In the NBA

It looks like Becky Hammon won't be the only female a istant coach in the NBA.  Valde Divac, vice president of basketball operations for the Sacrament... Read More »

Are Young Women Being Encouraged Enough to Pursue Leadership Roles?

The path toward breaking the gla ceiling isn't always an easy one. A new report reveals that people develop biases against women in leadership roles... Read More »

Federal Judge Won't Allow Title IX Argument In Transgender Teen School Restroom Case

By Jennifer Memmolo A transgender teen is facing an uphill battle as his legal team's main argument was thrown out by a federal judge on Monday. Gavin... Read More »

Taiwan Could Have Their First Female Leader

In Taiwan, both of its largest political parties have nominated women to run for their next presidential election. This means that the country is pois... Read More »

Women On Top: The 2015 Emmy Nominations

Congratulations to all of the Emmy nominees this year! Over the past year, many female driven shows and outstanding women characters have been spotlig... Read More »

Ronda Rousey Boldly Calls Out Floyd Mayweather at ESPYs

On Wednesday night, UFC women's champion Ronda Rousey won the Best Fighter ESPY Award. This fighter doesn't hold back in the ring, so it's no surprise... Read More »