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Some Think Sheryl Sandberg Should Run for President in 2020

Sitting just two seats away from President-elect Donald Trump at his recent tech summit, was Facebook COO and MAKER Sheryl Sandberg. "We want you to k... Read More »

Study Finds That "Gendered" Toys Can Keep Girls From Careers in STEM

A recent study by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has revealed that "toys with a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)... Read More »

9 Online Resources To Get Girls And Women Into STEM

Ada Lovelace was a mathematician and is known as the foremother of computing, and earlier this week, her works and lives were commemorated by Ada Love... Read More »

What It's Like to Be Me: I Tell People They Carry the "Cancer Gene"

By Kristin Canning I've heard that being a genetic counselor is like being a scientist, a doctor and a life coach all at once. What exactly does your... Read More »

MAKERS' Exclusive Q&A With Children's Book Author, Cofounder and CEO of Sally Ride Science, Tam O'Shaughnessy

Tam O'Shaughne y is an American children's science writer with an upcoming book, a photo biography about Sally Ride, set to release soon. Before the a... Read More »

Complete the History Books: Women in STEM

"We have always been an equal part of the past. We just haven't been a part of history."                           -Gloria Steinem This week, we're ce... Read More »

5 Groundbreaking Female Scientists You Need to Know

As the third season of Showtime gem "Masters of Sex" premieres on Sunday, Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson are gearing up to publish the sexology tom... Read More »

8 Women Geniuses Who Are Changing the Way the World Thinks

By Danica Lo These eight women are changing the way the world thinks. Today, Wired announced its first-ever "Next List"—a short list of 20 "unsung gen... Read More »

Megan Smith Prioritizes Diversity as She Champions a Tech-Savvy White House

In 2009, Obama created a new position on his staff with the aim of opening the door to a more technology-friendly government. He titled the role Chief... Read More »

The Surprising Reason More Women May Want to Consider STEM Jobs

By Caitlin Moscatello The tide, it seems, is turning. According to a new study by the directors of the Cornell Institute for Women in Science, women a... Read More »