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Ty Stiklorius talks about becoming a businesswoman, overcoming self-doubt, becoming a CEO and owning her ambitions.
Ty Stiklorius is the founder and CEO of Friends At Work, a media and impact agency that partners with leading artists and thinkers. FAW launched in 2015 and manages artists and influencers including John Legend, Cynthia Erivo, Lindsey Stirling, Madame Gandhi and ItsTheReal.   Alongside Legend and Mike Jackson, Ty is one of the principals of Get Lifted Film Co., production company based in Los Angeles. Under the Get Lifted banner, the trio has served as Executive Producers on the HBO documentary “Southern Rites,” WGN’s hit series “Underground” and the award-winning film “LaLa Land.”   Ty’s work with John Legend began in 2006 with JL Ventures, where she created artist-focused strategies for innovation and social impact. Next came The Show Me Campaign, advocating quality education for all. In 2015, Ty and Legend started the #FREEAMERICA campaign to shift the national conversation around incarceration policies. Ty is co-founder of Prosecutor Impact, highlighting the power of prosecutors to shape judicial outcomes.   Ty earned an MBA from The Wharton School of Business and a BA from The University of Pennsylvania. She serves on the board of LIFT Communities, a national non-profit dedicated to helping families break the cycle of poverty. Ty is also on the board of LRNG, which works to redesign learning so all youth have the opportunity to succeed.

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