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MAKERS is a first of its kind digital and broadcast initiative that aims to be the largest collection of women’s stories ever assembled.
The documentary MAKERS: Women Who Make America tells the story of how women have helped shape America over the last 50 years, built from first-person, intimate accounts of women who experienced this time of change and confronted the dramatic social upheaval in their own lives.
The stories also live on, which continues to grow each week to include stories from the next generation of women who affect society in new and profound ways.
Now is your chance to share your story. So grab a camera, grab your iPad, grab your phone, and film your own MAKERS story. Tell us what makes you a MAKER—the journey you’ve taken, the obstacles you have faced, how you tackled them, and the triumphs in your life. Then use the tool below to upload the video for review by the MAKERS team. If your video is approved, it will be added to our My MAKERS Story YouTube account.
We can’t wait to hear from you!

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More Videos

The '99 World Cup
Mia Hamm
The '99 World Cup

Hamm shares her gratitude at the overwhelming support and recognition following the '99 World Cup and how touching it was to learn how many people outside the stadium were along for the team's journey.

Lessons of "Star Trek"
Nichelle Nichols
Lessons of "Star Trek"

Nichols provides insight into how Star Trek teaches each of us to examine who we are and what we believe.

Oprah Winfrey

Winfrey talks about the sexual abuse she experienced as a child and how by interviewing child molesters on her own show, she was finally healed. 

Censoring Puberty
Judy Blume
Censoring Puberty

The 1980s censorship backlash that put even "puberty" in its crosshairs.

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