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DDB Worldwide President & CEO of North America

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DDB Worldwide President & CEO of North America, Wendy Clark, talks about the fearlessness she developed as a child, her drive to work in advertising, and the life-changing call from Coca-Cola.
A shy child who moved with her mother from England to Sarasota, Florida, Wendy Clark was pushed out of her shell by the dramatic continental shift, and believes that's where the "seed of fearlessness" began to grow.   Upon graduating college intent on getting into the advertising industry, Clark took a receptionist position at a boutique agency. She quickly realized her talents lie on the account service side, and started working her way up.   Prior to joining Coca-Cola, Clark served as the senior vice president and director of client service at GSD&M, a nationally acclaimed advertising agency based in Austin, Texas, and eventually became senior vice president, advertising for AT&T. Her effort in the company's ambitious and aggressive re-branding was recognized in November 2007 when she was inducted into the American Advertising Federations (AAF) "Advertising Hall of Achievement."   In 2008, Clark received the call from Coca-Cola and currently oversees global design, marketing communications, media, sponsorships, interactive marketing and marketing of the Company's Live Positively sustainability platform. Among her team's great achievements include the successful global launch of the Coca-Cola "Open Happiness" campaign and Coca-Cola's first-ever global mobile marketing campaign.   In November 2015, Clark left Coca-Cola to join DDB North America as their CEO.

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