10 Father's Day Quotes From Fathers of MAKERS


Jun 12, 2015

10 Father's Day Quotes From Fathers of MAKERS

We've learned from many of our MAKERS' stories that so much of their strength, courage and fearlessness comes from their fathers.

Whether it was an example set by actions or the wisdom of words, so many trailblazing women's first role models and cheerleaders were their fathers.

To celebrate Father's Day, we remember the advice that has turned young girls into powerful women and made a huge difference in their lives. Women like Condoleeza Rice, Martha Stewart, Brandon Holley, and Kathrine Switzer share their dad's meaningful words that encouraged them to strive through hard times and never lose faith in themselves. 

If any of these quotes remind you of your dad, let us know! Share some of the best advice you've gotten from your dad using the hashtag #MAKERSMen!

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Condoleeza Rice is a former Secretary of State. She noticed growing up that her father was a feminist, modeled that in his confidence in her and his treatment of her hardworking mother.
Media mogul Martha Stewart was her father's favorite child. He taught her what she needed to know to maneuver being a woman, when no one else would. 
Arianna Huffington is the Editor-in-Chief and President of AOL's Huffington Post. Her father was a Holocaust survivor and also a media entrepreneur. 
Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon, was encouraged to participate in sports by her father, instead of cheering from the sidelines. He told her to run a mile a day to train and from that, her life changed forever.
Brandon Holley, fashion Editor-in-Chief, felt her father gave her a confidence to take on any challenges, even though she herself can be very insecure. 
Erin Brokovich, environmental activist and consumer advocate, was very close to her father and felt he taught her to stand on her own two feet through hard times. 
Vivian Stringer, a champion coach with one of the best records in women's basketball, recalled her father's loss of his legs and how he never let his disability become an excuse to stop trying.
Brent Gordon is a single father raising Sam Gordon, a 12-year-old girl who gained fame by playing tackle football and surpassing all the boys in her age group. 
Judy Norsigian, executive director of groundbreaking women's health book, "Our Bodies, Ourselves," is very thankful for her untraditional Armenian dad who advised her to be independent.
Donna de Varona is a former Olympic swimmer and television sportscaster. Her father was also an athlete, having been an All-American football player and rower, and encouraged all of his children to pursue athletics. 

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